Talent Assessment

High Quality People

Recruiting the best - From selecting senior leaders to onboarding the best graduates, fairly identifying and hiring the most talented and most diverse individuals is critical to the long-term success of any business. 

Talent pipeline - Succession planning is essential for long-term business continuity. Assessing talent pipelines enable businesses to understand and take action to increase bench strength.

Development - Continuous capability development is essential to keep pace with an ever changing environment. Assessment enables targeted development to occur, resulting in elevated performance.

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Fair and Robust Approach

Using robust and evidence-based approaches enables fair assessment to take place. This results in the identification of diverse and talented individuals, resulting in a team who are best placed to solve the most complex modern workplace challenges.

How we achieve this

  • Through the recommendation of a combined multi-assessment approach.
  • Assessment Centres to enable the assessment of key behaviours under specific competencies.
  • Developing experiences that assess individuals in different ways through Analysis Exercises, Role Plays, Competency Based Interviews, 360 degree evaluations and more.
  • Integration of valid and reliable psychometric tools, designed to measure cognitive abilities, attitudes, values, and behavioural preferences.
  • Including access to some of the worlds most used, validated, and insightful tools, including: Saville Consulting Wave; PAPI; Hogan; EIP3 & EQi-2.0.
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